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the Polish - German ‘Hope’ Foundation

The German – Polish ‘Hope’ Foundation was found on May 1st, 1993. Its Founders consist of group of Polish and German voluntaries from Szamotu造 and a small town Rhauderfehn in the Leer district in the North – West part of Lower Saxony. Two people played the key part in creation of the Foundation: Herbert Broich – the former mayor of Rhauderfehn and the late Mr. Jerzy Bukowski – the former head of Szamotu造 Town and Commune. The acquaintance, and in principle the friendship of those two honored people began in the state of war period in Poland, when both of them, with great dedication, were organizing the material help for the Orphanages from Szamotu造, Otorowo and Lipnica. 


At the beginning of the 90s, the democratic changes in Poland favored the activities formalization of that time voluntaries. The German – Polish ‘Hope’ Foundation in Szamotu造 was meant to be established. Since the establishment day until now, so called the Peasant Home on 3 May 12 Street is the Foundation seat. The main activities realized by the newly appointed organization are:
a) education and further improvement of the youth and unemployed people,
b) organization of vocational training, traineeships, social work with the youth in work environment,
c) help for Polish agricultural institutions,
d) organization of meetings and exchange among the Polish and the German youth,
e) realization of the activities enclosed in the ‘Agreement on good neighborly relations and pleasant cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland’ concluded in June, 1991. 


The first Foundation authorities were appointed. The part of the Council from the Polish side constituted of following people: Jacek Grabowski as the Council Deputy Chairman (Mr. Helmut Collmann from Germany is the Chairman) and Maciej Adamski, Miros豉w Konenc, Józef Ku幢an and Bogdan Starzecki. The first Board constituted of: Józef Kaczan (the Board Chairman), Maria Górna, Maciej Galus, Tadeusz Niparko, Stanis豉w 真romski and Edmund Zawadzki. For the past several years there have been multiple changes, in the Foundation part, and especially in the Board. After Józef Kaczan, Mr. Stanis豉w 真rowski was in charge of the Board Chairman, and subsequently (until now) Mr. Edmund Zawadzki. Current membership of the Foundation authorities is available on our web page. 


Mr. Jerzy Bukowski was the first Foundation Executive Director. After his death, in October 1996, the function was entrusted to Mr. Czes豉w Ma鎍zak, the Director of the Primary School no. 1 in Szamotu造 of that time. Having been appointed for the Deputy Starost of Szamotu造 post, the duties were temporarily fulfilled by Mr. Edmund Zawadzki. In November 2003, the Executive Director function was given under the charge of Mr. Maciej Adamski, working as the General Education Department Director at the School Board in Pozna at that time. 


From the first months of its existence, the Foundation began intensive realization of its statute activities. During the first year of its existence within the Foundation structure, the Education Center was established, being engaged in the young people and adults education in the form of extramural studies and the training education. The Center holds the proper recommendations and permissions of the curator of Education of Wielkopolska and the Starost of Szamotu造 as well as holds the statute of not public school with the rights of public one. Up to now, the Education Center educated and equipped with new qualifications almost a thousand people, the great part of whom found the permanent employment in the local enterprises.


Beginning with the year 2002, the Foundation successfully tries to gain extra means from the European Union budget. The first project conducted with the help of the European Union was the vocational practice in Germany of the twelve Education Center students. Mr. Czes豉w Ma鎍zak was the author as well as the manager of the project realized with the help of the Leonardo da Vinci program. Currently, from the year 2004, the Foundation realizes the Swiss Watch project within the Community Initiative EQUAL program. 


Realizing its statute activity, the Foundation supports the local farming development. The renovate workshops conducted by our German partners form Rhauderfehn buy and renovate used agricultural machines. The machines are transported to Poland and sold to Polish farmers at very competitive prices. This Foundation activity form has gained special approval among the farmers of Wielkopolska. More information on the web page. 


Beginning of the second half of the year 2007, the Foundation tries to significantly extend the range of its activity, especially in the range of helping people with the permanent functioning difficulties on the labor market. In order to do that, a range of projects is being prepared within the Operational Human Resources Program. Its realization will continue till the year 2013.

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