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In November 2004, in the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw, took place the decision considering the competition for the realization the programs within the Community Initiative EQUAL for Poland. Among over eight hundred appliances a hundred and seven were chosen, which are now being realized across the country. Their managers are the Partnerships consisting of many agents, mainly of government institutions, public profit organizations as well as private companies and organizations. The total budget of all the realized projects is 190 million Euros. Simultaneously to the activities conducted in Poland similar competitions were conducted in every European Union country. 


The main goal of the Community Initiative EQUAL is elaborating and mainstreaming on the national community level, initiative experimental solutions of widely understood discrimination problem on the labor market. The A subject, which the German – Polish ‘Hope’ Foundation applied for – makes it easier to enter or re-enter the labor market for people with integral or re-integral problems in order to create the labor market open for everyone – this is mainly looking for the idea of possibly effective and permanent entrance on the labor market of permanently unemployed people, seriously endangered of the social exclusion. The ‘Hope’ Foundation turned towards unemployed youth up to 25. It is almost 30 % of the total amount of unemployed in Szamotuły District. We decided, that in order to drag the people out of the poverty, inactivity and the claiming attitude, they should be submitted to triple activity. So, from September 1st, 2005, conducting discerning research we chose a group of hundred young people, which simultaneously began work, education according to the work profile, and took part in the psychological support course, which main goal was to equip them with the competences allowing to independently and effectively move on the labor market. 


According to the Community Initiative EQUAL guideline, the project is realized in the Partnership form. We managed to start the cooperation with the Labor Office of the Szamotuły District, the Szamotuły Town and Commune and the Education of the Social Work Support Association of Wielkopolska, starting the ‘Swiss Watch’ Partnership. For the realization of this project the Partnership received over 4,5 million zlotys. 


The Partnership within the EQUAL means also an obligation of the transnational cooperation. The ‘Swiss Watch’ project started the cooperation and signed the partnership agreement called ‘TALE’ with the organization solving similar problems in Spain, Germany and in the Netherlands. Periodical work meetings and exchange of the experience are conducted in order to work out the model of young people social exclusion threats limitation. The transnational cooperation effects will be presented during the transnational conference in December 2007 in Berlin and will also be documented on the DVD and written work.

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